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Modern-day Magic

Updated: Nov 25, 2022

by Heather Hines

Have you been searching for a thoughtful gift for your sensitive-skinned friend or family member? No, this is not an ad; this is me spreading the word about a product I love. There are so many products on the market now that offer either:

1. An unrecognizable list of ingredients

2. A vague description of some skincare improvement; or,

3. A somewhat fantastical magical cure-all

Alchemy For You uses high-quality, organic ingredients at a price everyone can afford. Created out of necessity by a local nature enthusiast, Logan started making body butter. Going from skilled tradeswoman to entrepreneur took to creating a skincare product she felt comfortable putting on her work damaged skin. She wanted to turn the skin she was ashamed of into something beautiful and healthy.

As an avid explorer, Logan turned to the drawing board knowing she wanted only the best all-natural, premium ingredients. When she’s not creating her skin care products or making Sweet Freedom's Sweet Treats, a wide variety of fresh cotton candy found at fairs, festivals, and events, you can find her foraging in the woods, looking up the wonders of nature. It’s because of this innate inquisitiveness that helped her start Alchemy For You.

First came the problem, she, like many other men and women I know, had scars and blemishes that she wanted to heal and minimize, but she didn’t want all the chemicals that went with over-the-counter medicine. And that’s where her curiosity came into play. She found herself asking, what are some things found in nature that are known to heal? After a lot of research and some trial and error, she created her first body butter.

From there, with a volley of customer feedback which she contributed to most of her success, Logan knew she had something special. Eventually her product line grew to a variety of goats milk soaps, serums and even pet products. Throughout the pandemic, she thought about quitting, but her loyal and persistent customers who begged her for “just one more” kept her going. It was difficult to turn a customer away with results like these.

As they say, the rest is history. If you’re interested in high-quality skin care products for both you and your beloved pets (think hotspot relief) and you don’t want to break the bank, then you can find her at The Open House in Fremont, Sirona Natural Healing in Clyde, Flowerland in Fostoria, and Military Surplus Story Variety Depot in Lima.

While everyone’s journey is different, there’s one thing that no one can refute, we want great value. In times like these, both within our economy and with the holidays quickly approaching, we want our money to stretch as far as possible. So, try Alchemy For You, whether you’re shopping for yourself or want to treat a loved one.

You can find her on Facebook here

Or, you can also email her at

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