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Will of the Wild

Cordelia Delaine’s life had grown stagnant and predictable. With a past like hers, she thought she knew exactly what she wanted. In one night, that all changes.


A series of unexplained deaths haunt the small community. Bloody, gruesome mutilations that no one wants to talk about. Adrik Giatitus has been sent to investigate, only to find that

nothing is as it seems.


Working together, they must overcome the lies and sabotage set against them. Will either of them live long enough to uncover the truth? Can Cordelia learn to trust the handsome agent, or will she give in to the Will of the Wild?


“Will of the Wild” is a steamy romance novel by fantasy author H.L. Hines. A melding of unsettling mystery and tawdry romance, the first title in this series walks the fine line between torment and tryst.

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Will of the Wild

Branding / Marking / Break up from being Cheated on / Cults / Kidnapping / Medical needles / Misogyny / Occult / Sexually explicit scenes / Sadism & masochism / Violence / Voyeurism.

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Vernal Tempest

Stifled and defiant, Terra leaves the safety of her pack. Determined to make her own destiny, she seizes an unexpected opportunity.

Josef only wants a glimpse of the woman he’s been forbidden to desire, and when the time comes, he finds himself helpless.  

Left for dead, Mirela awakes afflicted with haunting visions. Is it all a delusion or something much more dangerous?

Together their actions will turn alliances into bitter enemies and change the tides of war.

In one night, fates forgotten few begin to unravel a deception that has shaped the world. Can they reveal the truth? A sleeping giant has risen, and no one will be safe from the Vernal Tempest.

The second novel of the Seasons of Treason series is a thrilling fantasy adventure that explores the price of betrayal, the power of secrets, and the cost of love. 

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PRAISE FOR Vernal Tempest

This book took me on an adventure!! Like wow! I went into this arc a bit nervous but excited for a new story! This book was written very well and the characters are all well developed, even the side characters had enough depth to them that they didn’t feel random or useless like some side characters can feel. There is a bit of an info drop as you learn the world and the people in it but it’s so necessary so if it feels like a lot don’t give up its work it!! Shout out to Terra! She is stubborn, brave and a uhh let’s say a bit abrasive 😂 which are all the reason I love her! If you are looking to be sucked into a new world with a story that will keep you turning the pages this is the book for you!

-MK Savage

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Lana, the daughter of exiled nobles and traitors to the crown, has been in hiding most of her life. When hunters close in, she's forced to leave everything she knows and run, once more. Escape means crossing not one war-torn country but two to call in an old family debt.

Lana must learn the ancient ways of her kin—controlling powerful and dangerous manipulations, the only defense she has. Along the way, she discovers a side of herself as she tastes newfound freedom in her encounters with both friend and foe. Little does Lana know that her adventure won't end at her destination but has only just begun.

The same blood that has damned her may provide the strength to forge her own destiny. Soon they will all learn that real power comes in many forms but always has a price. With no one to rely on and quickly depleting resources, can Lana depend on herself?

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The writer captivates you right at the beginning to the very end. I couldn’t put the book down reading about Lana’s fight for her freedom and the adventures along the way. You won’t be disappointed! Can’t wait for the next book!

- Amazon Review

I thought this book was a very interesting take on the fantasy genre. A lot of different elements to it. Colorful characters and an intriguing plotline. Can't wait for the next one.

- Amazon Review

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