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H.L.H. Team Positions 

Advanced reader copy or ARC 

is a free, unpublished manuscript in exchange for an honest review posted before or immediately after the publication’s release date on Amazon or Goodreads.

Beta Reader

is a test reader of an unpublished work or a full manuscript that gives feedback as a reader to the author. Everyone has their strengths some readers look specifically at; plot holes and inconsistencies, character assessments, emotional flow or tension, expert witness, sexual encounters or a smutty eye, and the word warriors who have an eye for combat. Other beta readers take the work as a whole, looking for or keeping a watch for anything that doesn’t seem to ‘fit.’

Join the Hype Team

if you're someone who wants to take an active role in promoting and pitching the latest merch—using anything from marketing tactics, social media skills, community contacts, or nothing but sheer enthusiasm.    

It will give you an insider’s look at the writing process, cut costs in your book budget, and contribute to the authors’ creative success. *With the bonus of being able to get your hands on my latest release, Vernal Tempest, you’ll get access to my latest projects and get automatically enrolled in every giveaway.*


Thanks for submitting! Please await further instructions throught the email you have provided.



Check back periodically to explore exclusive content by H.L. Hines from artwork, to snippets, to maps!

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