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Lana, the daughter of exiled nobles and traitors to the crown, has been in hiding most of her life. When hunters close in, she's forced to leave everything she knows and run, once more. Escape means crossing not one war-torn country but two to call in an old family debt.


Lana must learn the ancient ways of her kin-controlling powerful and dangerous manipulations, the only defense she has. Along the way, she discovers a side of herself as she tastes newfound freedom in her encounters with both friend and foe. Little does Lana know that her adventure won't end at her destination but has only just begun.


The same blood that has damned her may provide the strength to forge her own destiny. Soon they will all learn that real power comes in many forms but always has a price. With no one to rely on and quickly depleting resources, can Lana depend on herself?

Winter's Kiss Signed

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