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Cordelia Delaine’s life had grown stagnant and predictable. With a past like hers, she thought she knew exactly what she wanted. In one night, that all changes.


A series of unexplained deaths haunt the small community. Bloody, gruesome mutilations that no one wants to talk about. Adrik Giatitus has been sent to investigate, only to find that nothing is as it seems.


Working together, they must overcome the lies and sabotage set against them. Will either of them live long enough to uncover the truth? Can Cordelia learn to trust the handsome agent, or will she give in to the Will of the Wild?


Will of the Wild is a steamy romance novel by fantasy author H.L. Hines. A melding of unsettling mystery and tawdry romance, the first title in this series walks the fine line between torment and tryst.

Will of the Wild Signed

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