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Pulled from her house in the dead of night, Cordie is no stranger to survival. But facing down a wolf's angry snout is just the beginning. She must navigate sparring matches with leopards, evade handsy enforcers, and contend with the perpetual dominance of Clive, the Skypeak's Alpha.

In a world rife with sabotage and danger, Clive grapples with his own inner turmoil, including his growing feelings for Cordie. As a looming crisis threatens to unravel everything, Clive is forced to risk it all, challenging the rigid societal expectations of the Animus world.

Locked inside an enclosed military compound, where relationships between predator and prey can turn deadly, Cordie and Clive must manage their deepening connection amidst the escalating turmoil.


This enemies-to-lovers paranormal romance twists mystery and passion in the dark and primal world of Animus society, where love can be as perilous as it is irresistible.

Way of the Wild Signed

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