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Pulled from her house in the dead of night, Cordie knew a little bit about survival. However, starting down a wolf's angry snout was nothing compared to dealing with friendly sparring matches with leopards, handsy enforcers, bloodthirsty doctors, and the perpetual pissed Alpha.
Cordie knew if she wanted to survive she needed to steer clear of all the drama.
With the help of some friends, Cordie tries to avoid being drawn into the dangerous pack politics at play. But when the greatest danger of them all Looms on the horizon, Cordie is tasked to help uncover the truth that could shatter the pack for good.
This surprising enemies to lovers PNR twists mystery and romance in the dark and primal world of Animus society. full of rich and engaging narratives that carefully navigate the dangers of giving in to your Wild Side.

Way of the Wild Signed

$19.99 Regular Price
$12.99Sale Price
Expected release date March 9th, 2024
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