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Stifled and defiant, Terra leaves the safety of her pack. Determined to make her own destiny, she seizes an unexpected opportunity. Josef only wants a glimpse of the woman he’s been forbidden to desire, and when the time comes, he finds himself helpless. Left for dead, Mirela awakes afflicted with haunting visions. Is it all a delusion or something much more dangerous?


Together their actions will turn alliances into bitter enemies and change the tides of war. In one night, fates forgotten few begin to unravel a deception that has shaped the world. Can they reveal the truth? A sleeping giant has risen, and no one will be safe from the Vernal Tempest.


The second novel of the Seasons of Treason series is a thrilling fantasy adventure that explores the price of betrayal, the power of secrets, and the cost of love.

Vernal Tempest Signed

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