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Ever pursued by bounty hunters and the Shining Light army, Lana Colton risked everything to find her brother. Seized by an unknown threat, she makes an unlikely alliance and spirals down a merciless path she fears she may never escape. Can she survive the vicious clutches that hold her captive, or will she lose herself to this newfound temptation?


Terra Hallowbit has already ruined the life her parents wanted for her. Running away and teaming up with her family's greatest enemy has a way of doing that. When an unexpected proposal reveals itself, will Terra finally cash in on one of Einhart's hottest bounties?


Lord Ryker Wyvier knew he'd made a mistake when he saw Lana riding away. Bound by the laws of his people and his position, he had no choice but to watch Lana leave. As time passes, and still no word from the contingency he dispatched, Ryker fears the worst. How far is Ryker willing to go to bring home the love he let slip through his fingers?


In this dark fantasy romance, the struggles for power may be the first tides of war.

Summer Reign Signed

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